Special Deals for Windshields

All-Weather Mobile or Shop Service

All-Weather Mobile or Shop Service!

Please call or email regarding current specials, as we occasionally buy windshields by the pallet. We also occasionally may have a scratched windshield that we could offer a special price on.

  • Free disposal of your old windshield
  • Ask about free Rock Chip Repair

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Hummingbird Auto Glass doesn't cut corners

Even when shopping for the best price, you should choose an automotive glass shop that does not cut corners. Cutting corners on items such as quality urethane and proper rust prevention techniques could cost you more money down the road. Even with our low prices, Hummingbird Auto Glass will only use the best urethane on the market (Sika) and continue to provide the same quality of work that we always have.

We use the best urethane glue from Sika

What could happen if you take your car or truck to another shop? There are many potential problems that can arise by using urethanes of a lesser quality. In an accident, your windshield could fly out or your airbags could fail to deploy properly. Your stereo could no longer work, or if you have sensors for rain, light or lane departure they could begin to function improperly or cease to work at all. If you experience a water leak, not only could it ruin your interior, but it could also short out electrical components like your fuse box or stereo and cause other problems. For these reasons (and many more) we use Sika brand urethanes exclusively, so that our customers do not end up with costly repairs and they don�t have to worry about their safety or that of their loved ones in case of an accident.

"No Shortcut To Safety" (video courtesy of Sika adhesive systems)